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Siggy is a born and breed Cantabrian and fully qualified Exercise Specialist. With a Bachelors in Physical Education (exercise science) from the University of Otago.


From an early age, from running before walking to playing array of sports including first XV Rugby & X1 Cricket. Siggy developed. a love for the Art & Science of training and the complexity of the human body. He went on to study a Physical Education Degree way down south in the heart of Otago. After training with elderly and osteoarthritis clients through rehabilitation and movement exercise programmes in Dunedin. Siggy intrusted his knowledge and passion for movement and training, taking on a new opportunity and challenge which intaled moving to the big smoke of Auckland city to build his Private training business, Brookland Performance. Training an array of individuals from semi retired/retired clients to teenage athletes in Herne Bay. Now Siggy, coaches out of both Home Studio. As well as over in Herne Bay. and, also does home visits on request.

He focuses on a very personalised training approach, breaking down your goals, pervious and current injuries, lifestyle and movement patterns combined with his exercise science knowledge to design highly unique training programmes. And, trains his clients beyond just their fat loss or muscle building goals to fully unlock their human potential as moving beings. Moving well for longer.

If you would like to have a chat with Siggy get in touch below or to learn more about Siggy, check out his social media & website below. 

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