Experience the difference

Home Studio - Your home, away from home.


Home, is a beautifully designed space you`re invited to train in complete privacy one-on one, with a partner or friend, or in a small group class of friends or colleagues - whatever your preference and level of comfort.

To make you feel at home each visit will include a private consultation specific to you allowing our skilled coaches to learn and understand more about you and your lifestyle, so that they can tailor a plan that fits into your schedule.

Mood lighting and the ability to pull the curtains, adjust the temperature and play your own music all at the push of a button assists on creating an atmosphere to match every workout and mood for the day or night, and to finish off the session with your coach massaging out any tightness or tension with our massage gun.

This is your very own private home gym with all the home comforts and your own coach, but without the cost of setting it all up.

Our difference is in the detail to which we personalize your experience and journey to your taste in achieving and maintaining your desired results.